I just discovered that I can cut and paste captions from my Flickr photostream. Probably the last one here to figure that out!!

1. Grass in the wind, Summa Wellness Center pond. 2. Storm clouds over Chapell Hill. 3. Hickory Tussock Moth caterpillar. Snappy looking little guy. Glad I didn't touch him - they're said to sting and cause itchy welts. 5. When life (or your little p&s) hands you lemons, make lemonade! Noisy photo of Canadas, Summa Wellness pond. 6. View toward our hotel on N. Diamond St., New Orleans The brown brick building’s tiny balconies were stuffed with oversized pots and sculptures. Few people were out because it was HOT - 90 degrees - and very humid. 7. Corner Of Bourbon and Iberville Streets, right after and right before a rain. I've never been anywhere this humid before. Dinner at The Bourbon House was wonderful.

Katie Pertiet Sacked Solids Earthtones pp - love this melon color. Font is Georgia.