For the Saturday Scraplift:
Another chance to add one more dog page to my collection. Admittedly, this started off looking more like Echogirl's wonderful inspiration; however, it ended a bit more different than I originally intended. But I loved the way she used the papers to mirror the photo and I did stay true to that part at least! : )

Journaling Reads:
IT'S YOURS. We all know that.
After all, it fits you perfectly: just the right height for a well-aimed jump, just deep enough so you can still rest your chin on the edge, and just firm enough to hold your weight. There's only one problem: sometimes we make you share it with us.

In this Project (All DD):
Hipster Plumes, Korner Edges, No. 4, Anna Aspnes
Muted Color Textured Paper, No. 1, Anna Aspnes
Paraiso Azul Paper, Anna Aspnes
Stitched by Anna, No. 1, White, Anna Aspnes
Stitched by Anna, No. 2, Brown, Anna Aspnes
Color Challenge Freebie, 6.14, Pattie Knox
Color Challenge Freebie, 9.13, Katie Pertiet
Smilin' at Me Solids, Mindy Terasawa
Couch outline: my own
Photo by Joanie Schwartz

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