For the Saturday Scraplift:

Another chance to add one more dog page to my collection. Admittedly, this started off looking more like Echogirl's wonderful inspiration; however, it ended a bit more different than I originally intended. But I loved the way she used the papers to mirror the photo and I did stay true to that part at least! : )

Journaling Reads:

IT'S YOURS. We all know that.

After all, it fits you perfectly: just the right height for a well-aimed jump, just deep enough so you can still rest your chin on the edge, and just firm enough to hold your weight. There's only one problem: sometimes we make you share it with us.

In this Project (All DD):

Hipster Plumes, Korner Edges, No. 4, Anna ******

Muted Color Textured Paper, No. 1, Anna ******

Paraiso Azul Paper, Anna ******

Stitched by Anna, No. 1, White, Anna ******

Stitched by Anna, No. 2, Brown, Anna ******

Color Challenge Freebie, 6.14, Pattie Knox

Color Challenge Freebie, 9.13, Katie Pertiet

Smilin' at Me Solids, Mindy Terasawa

Couch outline: my own

Photo by Joanie Schwartz

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