Been feeling a bit like the social equivalent of the proverbial "square peg" lately. I couldn't find a photo which adequately conveyed how I felt, so I constructed this instead. I know it's not a typical scrapbook LO, but it does express my feelings and I just could not conceive of an adequate way to capture a picture that didn't look contrived. I really enjoyed the mix of real and drawn elements, giving a bit of an unreal feel to the scene, exactly how I feel in such situations. I am expanding this LO to a two-page spread to include some journaling, but the journaling is a bit too personal to share at this point.

Thank you so much for looking!

Why do I always feel like a party GHOST rather than a party guest? WHY?

Hinge Kit, Mixed Bag No. 1, Watery Wash Brushes,
Spot Dots Paper, Window Frames No. 2 -- Katie Pertiet
Journaling Challenge 23 Jan 09, Festive Songs,
Weathered Neutrals, Distressing Brush -- Anna Aspnes
Island Winds Kit -- Lynn Grieveson
Brad Bonanza -- Pattie Knox
Vibe Alpha -- Art Warehouse (Danelle Johnson)
Artistry Papers -- Gretchen Thomas