DS has kept us laughing lately. There is just nothing like a kindergartner - wheels are always turning and they are nothing if not painfully honest! Smile

All Designer Digitals:

Michelle Martin
Layered Memories No. 73

Pattie Knox:
Have a Heart Felts No. 02

Anna Aspnes:
CurvyCorners Stitched Borders No. 01 12 X 12

Lynn Grieveson:
Along for the Ride Kit

Jesse Edwards:
Doo a Diddy Solids Paper Pack
My Boy Paper Pack

Katie Pertiet:
Community Center Kit
Purely Happy Paper Pack
Seeing Stars Paper Pack
Woven Naturally Paper Pack
Drop Shadow Styles Collection
i Look Up Elements
Stitching Holes Brushes and Stamps
Mega Tag Pack
Hanging Tags No. 01
Doodled Block Alpha Brushes and Stamps

'in a span of 3 minutes, you told Daddy:
- his hair looked like a jungle.
- we need to have another baby.
- his eyebrows looked “wee-uhd!”

you woke me up at 6:15 in the morning to tell me that Ella hadn’t been safe on the school playground the day before. And then you ran back to your bed.

at the pumpkin patch you decided to smell the pumpkins to see which would make the best pie.

you have been over-the-top lovable lately, telling me how much you love Daddy & I. You are full of kisses!

you asked me why I have those “stiff, pokey” things (aka eyelashes) on my eyes.'

Phew!! If you're still with me - thanks for looking!!