This is considered a "vintage" photo by the NOW 18-year-old boy pictured here. Love this photo and it was the perfect choice for this template. Still one of my favorite photos after all these years!! Thanks for looking and reading!

1. I love the fact that this photo is SIXTEEN years old and that it is still one of my very favorite photos of all times.
2. Your long GOLDEN LOCKS! Despite the fact you are nearly three years old in this photo your mother had never given you a haircut. The inability to let go of her baby was the reason for this. You must have been affected by this as today you keep your hair VERY short.
3. The sparkle in those big BLUE EYES and the curiosity to jump right in and find new things and how they work.
4. That wonderfully DIRTY FACE that only a mother could love.
5.That slight TILT OF THE HEAD as you impatiently pose for this photo before running back out to the garage to help.
6. How your arms are crossed and your little DIRTY FINGERS are moving in excitement and anticipation of getting back out to the garage and the grease and the dirt.
7.That sweet crooked little SMILE.......looks like that is the only clean thing left on you.
8.We still have that Royals T-shirt saved away in a box.
9.This photo has such sweet memories of my LITTLE BOY who is now 18-years-old and six foot five.
10. This photo is just one that is SO VERY YOU at age two and it makes me happy to remember when you were a toddler. Love these MEMORIES!!

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