Simply Inspired Challenge #19
Great inspiration piece - and a great challenge, Deena! The colors and the paint in the poster gave me so many ideas.

"So what's with the lizard?"
When we went to Costa Rica, one of the iguanas near our beach hotel would come out every morning and sit on the stump, sunning herself. The staff called her "Lady" and I was captivated by how seemingly proud and regal she looked sitting there - as if to say, "here I am, admire me." And we did - proving that poise and attitude count for much more when it comes to being beautiful than does a pretty face. So with my apologies to Maya Angelou, I've excerpted and modified her wonderful poem, "Phenomenal Woman" for this page. As the poem says: you don't have to be a supermodel to be a phenomenal woman (or a phenomenal lizard)!

In this Project (All DD):
Dripped Stains, No. 4, Anna Aspnes
Hipster Plumes, No. 11, Anna Aspnes
Hipster Plumes, Korner Edges, No. 4, Anna Aspnes
Mono Blenz Lima, Anna Aspnes
Paraiso Azul Paper, Anna Aspnes
Stitched by Anna, No. 1, White, Anna Aspnes
Fasten-Its, Pattie Knox
Ad Challenge Freebie, 9.27, Katie Pertiet
Basic Paper Alpha Beige Caps, Katie Pertiet
Dirty Frames, No. 2, Katie Pertiet
Memorable Spots Months, Katie Pertiet

Fonts: Interstate, Scala

Thanks for Looking! : )