When you told me that something stung you I, at first, didn’t think it was going to be anything. Then you pointed it out to me and I kind of freaked out! I had no idea what this thing was. We had everyone in the park examining it but no one had a clue!! When you realized how creeped out we were by it you freaked out and screamed “I hope this doesn’t turn me into some kind of alien”. I then noticed that yourarm was starting to swell so I jumped on the internet and found out what that “hairy caterpillar” was. It is called a Puss Caterpillar and they are quite poisonous. I of course didn’t tell you that instead we just watched you carefully all night to make sure you were ok.
You never got sick from the “monster” but you do have a
nice battle scar!!

Patti Knox
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