My kids have been taking horse lessons. They love it. Smile

Anna Aspnes - MultiFoto DoublePage Layered Template No. 07
Anna Aspnes - MonoBlendz Avalanche Paperie No. 04
Andrea Victoria - Pina Paper Pack
Anna Aspnes - Stitched by Anna White No. 04
Patti Knox - Chipboard Bytes Bare Tagboard Alphabet No. 04
Pattie Knox - Staple Its
Anna Aspens - CurvyCorner Stitched Blocks No. 01
Katie Pertiet - Tied Fasteners No. 03 (used just a wee bit of the ribbon sticking out)
Katie Pertiet - Postage Strip Words No. 01
Patti Knox - Epoxy Extravaganza: Translucent Page Accents
Katie Pertiet - Stitched Notecards

Lynn Grieveson - Glitter Thread Stitches
Katie Pertiet - Freebie Alpha (little) 8-23-09