Wow, this is my first go at a challenge and whaddayaknow? I already have bought this template, AND already have a layout to submit. Is that allowed? Hope so.

Journalling reads: "And you said you weren't sure about living with a newborn again ..."

Dad and Dana bonding at 4weeks old.

Thanks to the newly discovered excel spreadsheet with all the DD products (which is mostly highlighted all the way thru to help me remember what I've already bought) I can add credits! Yay!

Jesse Edwards:
Embossed Paper Pack: Neutrals

Katie Pertiet:
Stitching Holes Borders Brushes and Stamps
Curled Notebook Paper
date stamp
office stamp

Cassie Jones:
PS I Love You No. 02: Custom Stitching

Alpha - no idea - my EHD crashed and this item was something unrecoverable.