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I went with color. I just couldn’t get over that there might not be any other pages in the book that were in B&W. I hate the rules that I put on myself but it would have driven me crazy.


I love other countries different similarities. Australia has post boxes like America but they are red instead of blue. They have egress signs that say “way out” instead of “exit”. They have pedestrian warning signs that read “Look left”. Symbols that represent the country adorn buildings and most importantly…signs of where to shop! Sydney did have something that was completely unique to its self: runners. There was no marathon, no streets blocked off just lot’s and lot’s of men and women running down the street alongside the walkers during their lunch break. It was pretty cool.

These pages were heavily inspired by Kayleigh’s LO’s and lot’s of stitches style.


Katie Pertiet-

Sacked Solids Earth tones

Alandia Scatterings re-glittered

Scalloped masks No2

Jewelry tags from 9 disc layered template

Tied Fasteners No3

Anna ******-

Stitched By Anna No 1

Lynn Grieveson-

Intensity Paper pack- red and blue