I had to take this photo of Abby waiting for me sitting on the toilet!!

too funny!!

So, I wanted to take a quick shower before we had to pick Ryan up for school. I asked you if you wanted to play downstairs or wait on the stairs outside of the bathroom. You opted for the stairs, fine. Well about half way through my shower, I notice it is really quiet, too quiet in fact for a 2 year old left to her own devices, so I yell “Abby! Are you OK?!” I hear (very close to me) “yes”. I open the shower curtain and there you are, cute and patient as can be, sitting on the toilet waiting for mommy to be done! Now, you ask, how did I get the photo? Did I have the camera with me? Did I make her pose later? Nope. I asked very nicely if she could stay JUST like that while I run downstairs (wet and in a towel) to grab my camera, and yes she did as she was told! That is the story.

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