Another page abut Merlin who passed away in May. It seems longer than 4 months ago...


It was hard to imagine life without Merlin but here we are. The first days and the first weeks were the hardest. Remembering. Coping. Living.

In those early days I would forget that he was really gone. Until I looked for him... I looked at his dog bed but he weren’t there. I looked for him when I exited the bathroom but he wasn’t following me as usual. I looked and saw his red ball and realized he wasn’t there.

I picked up the red ball that I associated so much with Merlin. I put it away. It could never be anyone else’s ball.

Months go by. I’m OK. Then, it hits me out of the blue. A postcard comes in the mail. Merlin’s registration is due for renewal. I swallow hard. He’s not here. He will not be registered again. With a sting of pain I put the card in the recyling.

I miss you, boy.

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