My dd turned 2 not long ago. So I've been wanting to do a lo like this, but I had a list longer than 2. So here are 24 things I love about Eden at 24 months. TLF!

Inspired by KatrinaK's Laugh.

"24 things I love about you at 24 months:
beautiful blue eyes
asking for hugs
spontaneous kisses
vocal exercises
great curls
sleeping in mom’s bed
liking helmet
seductive walk
crazy dance moves
lots of personality
super girly
reading books
liking mom the most
good manners
silly smile
talking so well
funny conversations
copying mom
making us laugh
cute legs"

Supplies (all DD):
Glitter Stitches 2
Basic Paper Alpha White
Meadow Ridge
Stitched by Anna White 1
PKnox Color Freebie 061409
Love Word Art

American Typewriter
Pea Ditzy
Abadi MT Condensed Light