My oldest ds spent much of this summer working out at a ranch several times a week. My dh and I wanted him to learn what it was like to work under some one else; to learn about being a good "employee" (though he was not paid). He worked for the dh of one of the DD members, farabee, and he had a blast! He is SOOO looking forward to doing it again soon. We couldn't be prouder! ;-)

Thank you for looking!

There was no doubt about it ... you were as “green” as you could be. You had no previous experience on a ranch whatsoever. You’d never ridden a horse by yourself; never been “up close and personal” with cattle; never really worked at anything that demanded strength and constant physical exertion. But here we were ... driving up to the ranch to begin your apprenticeship with Mr. Farabee. No pay; just a noon meal. Most sons would have thought their parents were insane to arrange for them to work without pay, but, from the start, you looked at it as an adventure. That first drive to the ranch, you looked at your new boots, pulled your new hat a little tighter on your head and made sure you had your leather gloves. That first day was an “eye-opener” for you -- hard, tiring work. But all you could talk about on the ride home was how soon would you be able to return. And that enthusiasm did not wane one iota all summer. You fell in love with horseback riding, saddling up ol’ Booger to help Mr. Farabee and Blake check the cattle. You hurled fence posts from the back of moving trucks, and came face-to-face with coyotes and bull snakes. Bear, Dad and I couldn‘t be prouder of you. You are becoming such a fine young man.

The future is yours, Bear ... go out and rope it

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