Maisie and I are visiting my dad and step mom for a few weeks and are pleased as punch that we are near my brother/sil and nephews. She has not seen her older nephew since she was 6 weeks old and neither she nor I have met the little guy (10 months old now) so we are soaking up every second! Expect MANY layouts with Maisie and Brendan as well as the rest of my side of the family!

Journaling: Brendan said to you, “Maisie, we are going to get married. You have to out your princess dress on and your shoes, tiara and necklace on but not your wand, you don’t need a wand to get married.” You said back, ‘Ok’. Then he told you that he would be the prince and you would be the princess and he would hold the ring until it was time. You would wait by the door for Nana to come home and tell her that you were getting married. And all I could think was how fast could I get my camera and write your conversation down. The whole experience was adorable and a riot. From me getting your dress on, helping with your necklace and Brendan arguing that you needed to give him your feet so he could put your princess shoes on. You both make me smile. So glad you are getting along so well!

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