My youngest, in kindergarten (homeschool).

Supplies from Tracy Ann Digital Art: Tea Shop papers, Old Notes, Bluebird alpha, Home Sweet Home paper pieces, stitching from Camp.
Photo frames from Simply Yin.

Itís finally happened. For the first time in 28 years, I donít have a preschooler.
I married young and had my first son, Taylor, 11 months later. He was followed
by brother Timothy, then we adopted several children. Later we decided to have and
adopt more children. Our last child was born to us on February 29, 2004. Technically
that makes him only one year old, since heís only had one birthday! But the reality is, heís
five now, high time to start kindergarten. He listens to a class on dvd, then does the textbook for that class. Heís doing quite well, knows
his letters and numbers, and has started to put sounds together. Not having any more preschoolerst wasnít as difficult as I thought it
would be, perhaps because Iím old now and donít have the energy I used to. Or maybe because...itís just okay. Itís time. -September 2009

tfl, susan