My first trip to the ALaskan back woods! Here's the journaling so you can read it.

The guide for the wildlife tour was a member of the Huna Tlinget tribe and lives in Hoonah. She told us that Chichagof Island has only eight miles of paved road and is accessible only by sea and air. We made our way past Hoonah, off the paved road and into the interior. We saw black tailed deer, loon and salmon on our ride out to the river. After the bus parked we walked through the muskeq --which is basically a peat bog. There were a lot of ripe blueberries and elderberries growing in the muskeq and near the river so she said we should have a good chance of seeing a bear. After walking through the forest primeval, we came to an overlook by the river. We waited very quietly and were rewarded with a bear off to the left. I saw only his rump and legs, but even so it was pretty amazing. While we saw eagles at a distance John and his kayaking group were fortunate to see some up quite close.

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