I have been OBSESSED with this Cassie's Stitching tutorial. OBSESSED. I started stitching and I couldn't stop. For goodness gracious I even used the pen tool! This tutorial rocks!

This is my sweet girl and one of her best buddies on their last day of (3 year old) preschool.

Credits: All DD

CJones: PS I Love You No. 02: Custom Stitching Tutorial

KPertiet: Petal Pushers Brushes

Flower Stems No3

Fresh Flowers (included)

Cowboy Dreams 9 (included in the tut)

Sunshine epoxy (from sunshine template 8/2/09)

Drawn Stitches (included)

All done up frames (butterfly)

MTerasawa: Doggone cute stickers (tree)

JEdwards: Bugsy Brushes (bee)

Thanks for looking!