Today was a fun day Smile

Katie Pertiet:
Between the Lines Alpha
Stacked Photo Clusters No 02
Curled Notebook Paper
Classic Felt Alpha
Metal Sheets Element
Little Bits Alphabet
Anna Aspnes:
Skribbel Arrows No 01 brushes-n-stamps
Distressed Korhers N Edges No 07 BrushSet
Stitched by Anna Circles No 02
12x12 Distressed Edge Overlays No 05
Stitched By Anna Brown No 01
MonoBlendz Bananas And Custard Paperie
Mindy Terasawa:
Boy Star kit
Apple Dumplings kit

Journaling: Today while playing a carnival game on the back patio, Daniel met a new friend. His first reaction was to shout “Nake! Nake!” at me. I saw nothing, but he insisted it was there. Upon closer inspection, there was indeed a creature visiting him. A little green inchworm had climbed onto one of his cans. Trying to convince a 2 year old that his ‘nake’ is really a worm can be quite challenging. He finally compromised with me, declaring the worm to be a ‘’