3. Tables outside Stow Panera. 4. This was not a drill. Fortunately, it turned out to be just a freon leak - and who knew that freon smells like burning plastic? 5. Visitors to Mike and Paul’s cookout. 6. Ladies Driving, Single Hitch Mares at the Great Geauga County Fair. 7. Family at Sheila and Greg’s cookout on Labor Day. 8. Vacation, driving through southern Pennsylvania on our way to Philadelphia. 9. Waterlilies from Longwood Gardens. We walked for hours. I was amazed that, in early September, so much was in bloom. Chuck’s favorites were the fancy tree houses - one featured a working honey bee hive, another, dragons carved from wood. N.B. Honey bees are coming back - they were everywhere this trip and even back home.

Katie Pertiet Botanist No. 11 pp; Pennsylvania photo: photo texture downloaded from the net; Liv-E brush from a Jessica Sprague class kit. Font is Georgia.