My DD Abigail, she's such a strong person and hardly seems like the same frightened, shy 2 year old that came home to us so many years ago.

supplies, all from Tracy Ann Digital Art:
Dollhouse papers, Honey Bubble elements, Shine word art, Splotches brush.

We had a great time at the Pioneer Days Festival,
complete with bbq sandwiches, food on a stick, and cold
root beer in mason jars. Now it was time for the games,
and daddy gave each child a few dollars to spend how-
ever they wished. Abbi spied a dart game that she
wanted to play, but the woman who ran the game
wasn’t so sure. She noticed Abbi’s lack of arms and
asked her if she wanted to sit on the counter. Abbi
said no, she wanted to play the right way. The woman
was clearly uncomfortable and looked to me for help.
I just shrugged and said “Let her play.” Abbi didn’t
make it to the balloons the first two tries and the
woman wanted to give her extra turns for free be-
cause she felt sorry for her. But Abbi refused and
said “I’ll do it.”

Sure enough, the third try popped a balloon and the
tag underneath was for a prize off the “small” hooks.
The game lady wanted Abbi to pick out something from
the large prize group but Abbi had seen the tag color
and knew what it meant. She said, “No, I want a small
prize, I’ll take that pink bear.”

It’s a subtle type of prejudice you face a lot, Abbi,
from people who mean well but don’t believe you
can accomplish the things you set out to do. I know
better, and so do you. I’m really proud of you for
not taking the easy way out, even though no one
would blame you.

tfl, susan