Week of Sept. 6 for 365 project

Katie Pertiet:
Colorful Edgers No. 2 Brushes

Patti Knox:
Baby Soft Felt Alphabet: Lowercase (gem in center of flower)

Ali Edwards:
Days + Months Hand Drawn Brushes

Auntie JoAnn & Uncle Anthony had a nice cook out today and while we only planned to stay for a short while but ended up staying all night. You kids jumped on the trampolene and ate ice cream.

Ryan decided to read the bedtime stories to Abby. After hearing the same stories over and over, he pretty much knows what is said on each page.

Daddy was able to get out of work a bit early tonight so after we did our errands we met him at the 99’s for dinner. Here you two are looking out the window waiting for him.

Blowing bubbles outside before mommy goes inside and starts dinner

Sitting on the sidewalk waiting for Daddy to come home for work. You two were getting a bit rambunctious so I let you blow off some steam outside.

Girls’ night out at On the Border for some margaritas and mexican food. Ryan had his first day of preschool, but it was just orientation, his first real day starts on Monday

We took the kids and met Auntie Robin & family at the Boston Public Library and had a visit with Curious George and the man with yellow hat. Afterwards has lunch at Joe’s.

TFL Smile