27. Freshly opened coffee - mmmm! 28. Bullfrog in the pond at Promise Land Farm. Took half a day off to check on Larry, then worked on bug shots. Got some lovely ones of a cooperative Japanese beetle, too. Not so lucky with dragonflies, even with the telephoto. 29. PhotoWalk with CVPS at Horseshoe Pond on Major Road. Got a “Good Eye” for this one and a rain drop laden pine branch, at Tuesday’s critique. Much better than the last critique, for sure. 30. Summer treat - Ohio sweet corn. 31. Second of the potted dahlias to bloom. They do better in the ground than in pots, but the groundhogs love them as snacks. 1. Still life at Hines Hill Conference Center. 2. Love the bright rusty orange of the front garden mums. Groom first, shoot after.

Katie Pertiet Surf-n-Sand and Color Challenge pps, blended. Font is Georgia.