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In the original full color version of this image, the subtly-hued Asiatic lily was overwhelmed by all of the greens surrounding it, so I decided to go monochromatic and rely upon value differences between bloom and background to give the flower its "pop."

Katie Pertiet – Naturally Krafty No. 7, Assorted Tapes No. 3, Buttoned Up (blank used to create "Diva" button)
Jesse Edwards – Clean & Serene 2 Solids
Lynn Grieveson – Worn Photo Edges
Anna Aspnes – Distressed Edge FotoFrames No. 1, ScriptTease FotoBlendz Clipping Masks No. 1, Stitched by Anna Brown No. 1
Pattie Knox – Brad Bonanza
Vicki Stegall – Splatz 3
Myself – "reluctant" tab, "Diva" button

Dominican Small Caps, Dominican Italic, Byron, Cheapskate Fill, Angelic War, Baskerville