This is my oldest ds. All of the elements tell a story unique to his personality. The elements are explained as follows:
Flag photo: My son's own photography
Blue heart ribbon: My love for him
Star: His academic prowess
Castle and Dragon: His penchant for fantasy books and drawings
The stars in the grid, night sky in the background: His love of astronomy
The horses and cowboy hat: His love of his summer work on a ranche
The stack of books: A voracious reader
Roller Coaster: A speed freak and dare devil
The paint streaks: His artistic bent
The "Death Star": Star Wars fanatic
"Card": Being the class clown
Birds: Creative imagination

This completes this fantasy silhouette series for my children. My dd's portrait can be seen here: My younger ds's portrait can be seen here:

Thank you to Cassie for the inspiration; definitely, one of my favorite techniques.

Thank you for looking.

All Hung Up; Out of a Box, Little Prince Kit, Ledger Grid brush, Chalk Rubbings brush, Wild Horses Kit, Traveler Stamps -- KPertiet
Magical Sparkles brush, EnCounting brush, Paraiso Azul Kit, Fotoblendz Mask,
Weathered Neutrals -- Anna Aspnes
FastenIts -- Pattie Knox
Paint Streaks -- MaryAnn Wise
Curious Kit -- Karah Fredericks
Robots and wires brush -- Adam Dexter
Artemia Kit: Ribbon Heart -- Jennifer Andersen; Card (recolored) -- Amy Hutchinson; Birds -- Laurie Anderson