Playing with one of Anna’s ArtPlay Palettes—endless possibilities!

Rocking my oldest son in 1979. The text is a quote from an anonymous source I wrote in his Baby Book, next to this photo, 30 years ago!


And then you came. I was completely unprepared for your overwhelming arrival and your breathtaking beauty. Has any other child, ever born, been so perfect? Impossible!. I nuzzle your pink velvet softness and hold you close as mothers have done for generations When you cry, I pick you up unhesitatingly.And if holding you is not enough to soothe your discomfort,then I nurse you in my arms until, satisfied, you drop off to sleep.Lately, I find we’re spending more and more time in the rocking chair. Your silken head against my cheek feels heavenly, and I simply smile as a wise, but childless source warns that I’ll be rocking you goodnight when you are five years old. It’s clear to me now how little I really knew before you came..1979 Adam & Mom.

Credits/All DD

Anna Aspnes
ArtPlay Palette Mini Kit No. 05
FotoBlendz from Color Challenge 02 May 09

Fonts/ CK Little Women and Annie BTN