For the Saturday Scraplift Challenge of Denise's wonderful travel page. This is a photo of my mom with her older brother and younger sister. There are so few pictures of all of them together, so this one is a real treasure.

Journaling Reads:
I love this picture. You are all together, all dressed up and most of you are smiling!
John, the oldest: ever the leader, playing football, working hard on his after school paper route, then finally marching off to college and into a military career. He’s purposeful in all that he does.
Ann, the middle child: the even-keeled one – full of common sense and practicality. You were the mediator and still are. It’s no wonder you became a teacher (and a fabulous one, too!)
Dorothy, the youngest: who inherited Papa’s love of making things, along with Granny’s iron will. There are many family stories of her youthful rebellions. Now, she’s the family chronicler and historian.
All Hedricks, all different. Yet all of you inherited Granny’s gift of gab and Papa’s sense of purpose. And each of you possess your parents’ desire to learn new things and to see new places.
I grew up a Cowan, not a Hedrick. A little different, perhaps, but still a lot the same.

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