My daughter Erin asked me to go to the lake with her, Cooper and Reed on Wednesday. I said no because I had things to do on my day off. I'm so glad she changed my mind because I had such a blast and I love this picture.

Journaling: If someone tells you to Go Jump In A Lake, DO IT! And, when you do the cold water will momentarily take your breath away. When you come up for air you'll be filled with feelings of exhilaration and joy. The quite stillness of the lake is broken by shrieks of laughter and sounds of splashing. It is then you realize that spending a day just playing in that cold expanse with your beautiful daughter and your funny, rambunctious grandson is so much more important than any other activitiy that could have filled your day. And, it is then you realize that wonderful moments like these are fleeting when you only focus on all the difficulties you are facing. So forget everything else and just jump right into that lake. It's good for your soul.

Katie Pertiet: Water Corners and Edges; Stamped Blocks No. 2; Jackson Paper; Hydrangia Yellow paper.

Michelle Martin: Colbie Solids.

Anna Aspnes: ArtPlay Kit No. 4

Fonts: CK Ali's Hand; 28 Days Later; Angelina Font.