I really wanted to do a AAM page but I just had no idea what to do for Pattie Knox's challenge last week. Then Katie provided us with this cool template and WHAMO inspiration hit!

So this is for the weekly challenge-template, journaling challenge, kinda last week with Pattie's Best feature challenge, Katie's color challenge from a few weeks ago and then I saw Kayleigh's challenge on their blog to add stitching...et voila!

Credits: All DD Smile
KPertiet: Color 8/2/09-orange
Blendables No1
Chunky White Chipboard Alpha
Cut Ups Summer
Simple Spots No2
Simple Classics 3 (Buttons)
Little Bits Alpha
Drop Shadow Styles

MTerasawa: Sun Chase papers
LGrieveson: Breezy Fancy Flowers
AEdwards: Everyday Handdrawn Brushes
AAspnes: Stitched by Anna White 1

Thanks for looking!