Journaling: The way I came to have my Kitchenaid is an interesting story. It starts with the fact that my mom was always very involved in our church, as I was growing up, and one of her good friends was a nun named Sr. Hildegard. Sr. Hildegard was as staunch and upstanding as they come, but she had a friend named Sr. Eileen, who was a fellow creative. She baked and sewed and crafted and she and I always got along so well. When she and Sr. Hildegard retired, they bought a house and in the process of moving in, she gave me her Kitchenaid (that was almost as old as I am). I don’t know if she was upgrading to a newer one or if she was just downsizing, but at the age of 18 that gift started me on a journey of baking that has grown year to year, so that at this point there is very little that I can not bake and very few people that would not jump at the chance to get a piece of something I have baked. I can’t even imagine the amount of baked goods that have been made with this, through the years!

Breezy Flowers Fancy by Lynn Grieveson; In The Kitchen No 3 by Ali Edwards; Staple Its! by Pattie Knox; Recipe Cards No 1 by Katie Pertiet; AV Joy Kit by Andrea Victoria; Stitched by Anna No 1 White, 12x12 Textured Overlay No 4, Fletcher Kit by Anna Aspnes