It was your first Christmas and I wanted so badly for it to be absolutely perfect. It wasn't even close to what I had imagined. You had just been diagnosed with RSV. You hadn't slept in days. You couldn't breathe, and you threw up everything you ate. We decided to make the best of it so we woke up Christmas morning and went to Nana's. They bought you the cutest little hobby horse and Papa insisted that you try it out. For about 15 minutes you forgot how bad you felt and enjoyed your horse ride and your first Christmas!

Designer Digitals
Cut Ups:: KPertiet_CutUpsBlack-n-White
Stitches:: KPertiet_MessyStitchesNo2

Frames:Creashens//Frames 1
Jolly:: Julie Mead//Jolly Christmas Time
Tree:: Shabby Princess//Holiday Seasonal Sampler
Alphabet:: Di Hickman//Sweet Embrace
Ribbons:: MUnderwood_shuggapie & One Defined, Shabby-Princess-Kristie_SF_Ribbons,
Stitches:: ShabbyP_TwoSoon & Kiwi, Vinnie Pearce