paper: Posted Paper Pack by Katie Pertiet
frames: Clipped Stacks No. 2 by Katie Pertiet
alpha: Katie’s Jewels Alpha by Pattie Knox
brush: Clean Clusters-n-Parts No. 2 by Katie Pertiet
template: my own, based on a local subdivision advertisement
font: Nueva Std

journaling: The boys are more than a bit obsessed with the climbing tree in front of Nana’s house. No, not the one in the main picture, but it’s the same height as the climbing tree (of which a branch can be seen on the left), so you get an idea of how large it is. The boys were allowed to climb about to the height of the second floor window. (And yes, I did worry about broken arms, but let them do it anyway.) If they were outside, they were in the tree. Picking the bark off it, creating “rooms” to hang out in, they looked like little clothed squirrels.