Great challenge!
"We took you outside to play in the leaves. You were a little reserved about sitting in the grass and being in the crisp autumn air. It was a novel experience to see you so serious."

All DD
Ali Edwards - everyday brushes, mini die cut kraft tags
Anna Aspnes - stitched by anna white no 1, TNT flutterby no 1
Cassie Jones - htdt no 13
Katie Pertiet - lucky gardener kit, spring trees recolored, ad challenge 8 23 09, color challenge 8 2 09, on the edge flourishes no 11
Lynn Grieveson - worn edges no 2, worn edges mixed, chat freebie (paper clip, recolored)
Michelle Martin - olan papers
Pattie Knox - fasten its, staple its, bare tagboard alpha no 3

fonts: old rubber stamp and fg charyn