With my oldest son starting high school next week, I've been thinking a lot about how I felt when I was his age ... and how much I've learned since then. I started working on this LO with a couple goals in mind - to document a bit of my journey from early adulthood until now and to hopefully get my son thinking a bit as he begins this stage of his own journey.


If I had known then (1984) what I know now (2009) …

I would have . . .

. . . spent less time worrying about what others thought and more time figuring out what I really thought.

. . . taken more photos & developed a habit of daily journaling.

. . . paid closer attention to the little whispers from my soul, pointing me toward that which I am most passionate about.

. . . spent less time caring about how I looked and more time taking care of myself.

. . . made more of an effort to visit with my grandparents and to really listen to what they had to share.

. . . explored more options and taken more risks.

. . . worried less about rejection and more about reaching out to others and making connections.

. . . vowed to avoid credit cards and unsecured debt and gotten into the habit of saving more.

. . . continued piano lessons and taken dance classes.

. . . recognized that happiness is a journey, not a destination.

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