One topics of conversation at the San Antonio digiscrap were some of the misunderstandings of usernames; for example, "Doni Tab" rather than "Donita B" or "Sarah Orton" rather than "Sara Horton". That started my warped sense of humor on a roll that ended here. (Myra's username on Flikr is "Myrac" as in "Myra C.")

So, Katrina and Myra, I hope you enjoy it ... if not, please forgive me. ;-)

Thank you for looking. Or as Mork would say, "Nanoo nanoo!"

Journaling: "We came. We snapped. We scrapped."

Itty Bitty Robots -- Mindy Terasawa
OMG Kit, Sk8er Dude Paper -- Anna Aspnes
Ad Challenge 80909 -- Katie Pertiet