For the DDD challenge - using a bold patterned paper; don't know if this qualifies, but I did my best!

About this page: First off, let me state for the record that I'm not picking on the great state of Iowa here. I lived there for many years and I know better than to make fun of an institution as sacred as the Iowa State Fair (kind of like saying something bad against Bruce Springsteen here in New Jersey - you just don't go there). That said, every now and then in life, you just have to laugh at some of the things we hold dear. : )

For those unfamiliar: every year, the Iowa State Fair proudly creates a "Butter Cow" sculpture, along with a secondary butter sculpture (usually a famous person or a scene depicting a famous event). Yes, you read that correctly: life-size sculptures made out of butter. However, this year, there was quite an uproar over whether or not to have the second sculpture depict Michael Jackson (in honor of his passing). There was such passion aroused on both sides about this suggestion that the Fair powers-that-be finally decided to put it to a public on-line vote. The result: Moon Landing (the original design) = 1; Michael Jackson = 0. When one of my girlfriends told me all about this saga (which made the AP), I knew I had to do a page about it. So in honor of the Iowa State Fair this week: my page about the sacred Butter Cow (sorry, Michael - maybe next year).

In this Project:
Paraiso Azul Paper, Anna Aspnes
Sacked Solids Earthtones, Katie Pertiet
Smilin' at Me Solids, Mindy Terasawa

Other Elements:
Everyday Twill, Ali Edwards
Going Away Kit, Katie Pertiet (frames)
Mega Tag Pack, Katie Pertiet (string)
Postage Strip Numbers, Katie Pertiet
Fasten-Its, Pattie Knox
Historical Fair and butter cow images from the Iowa State Historical Society

Fonts: Interstate

Thanks for looking! : )