I did this LO for A Birthday Bash Paper Pack Challenge. Little did I know how cleansing and theraputic it was going to be. I lost my files as my program shut down 4 times.... I should always save!!! But I thought to myself, that must be some of the frustration a person in early stages of Dementia and Alzheimersmust feel. You have a thought, and poof, it's gone! You have a LO, and poof, it's gone!

This is my MIL. She has always been so vibrant and it's very hard to watch dementia take over. Sometimes there is still a glimmer of her personality that shines through the confusion, and it softens the ache.
Journaling: I'm still me.
I still need a hug.
I'm still the social butterfly.
For a moment, my thoughts are clear as mud.
I saw a picture of me today. How can I be that old?
I am so confused.

Sausan Designs Cream pie paper
Julia Makotinsky Sprout BG paper
Creashens As I Am BG paper & Frame,
About Frame Believe Her BG paper
Catrine Carousel Butterfly and alpha
Syrin Paper Freebie
Fonts Ariel Black, Abadi Condensed, Bauhaus 93, CK Becky, Kunstler script

Thank you for looking.