This was a great challenge! PEAC stands for Parrot Education and Adoption Center & is a great organization based in San Diego.

Here is the journaling that is on the page:
July 3, 2009
You came to join our family just two days after your 21st birthday. The timing worked out like it was meant to be - I was ready to consider having another cockatoo in the family about the time you joined PEAC.

You are so similar in some ways to Kyrie, a look in the eyes, a tilt of the head, the love of ‘Grandma’s’ laugh, yet, in so many other ways you are entirely yourself.
There are so many questions we’d like to ask you!

What was your life like before you came to live with your foster mom? Why are you so furious with your toys sometimes?
Why are you so terrified of remotes? cell phones? phones in general?
You know, most parrots love those things, right? Great buttons to pick off!

Why do you pluck your feathers - just on your right shoulder? (Kyr plucked her leg feathers & we never really knew why) What remedies did your parents try to get you to stop? Why do your 2 outer tail feathers hang out a little further than normal?

Why are you so brave when meeting new people? Step onto a strangers’ hand with no hesitation! So trusting! You will even let strangers swing you upside down!
Why do you find all men so interesting? & they’re immediately the light of any room for you!

Why are you so protective of your seed dishes? If my fingers tarry a little too long, you‘re liable to give me a nip! And speaking of nipping, why do you think it’s okay to give a good hard pinch when you don’t get your own way??

What makes you think it’s a good idea to scream when we’re in the room? Did that gain you attention before?

We have so many more questions (more every day!) & I suppose most will never be answered…

The elements used in the page are:
Journaling Challenge 19 Jul 2009 (thanks Anna!)

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