Simply Inspired Contest No. 15 Print Ad

This is the first challenge I've ever entered. Usually I go a lot more embellished on both my digital and real material collaging/scrapping but the clean lines of the ad copy really spoke to my math oriented brain.

For the past three summers, my son and I have spent a week at the "camp" on Daniel's Pond that my cousin and her hubby have rented for the past thirteen years. For all my love of technology and civilization, I really like the peace and quiet up there. While I read, photograph and listen to the loons, the boy kayaks, fishes and bikes.

Materials: GoFish2 brushes by sleepwalkerfishy
egg9700 Flower10 Set brushes by egg9700
cream paper by Honey Delight
Fonts: CK Print
Monotype Cursiva
Poor Richard
All other textures and effects, created by me.