This template was perfect to document her 11 month birthday. We are so close to the year old mark! I am finishing this book just in time to have it printed for her bday party.

I can not believe that you will be a year old in a month. The time has flown by and my little girl is no longer a baby. Watching you grow over the last 11 months has been an amazing experience for me. I look at you now and see you starting to take your first steps and think back to when I watched you crawl for the first time. I hear you say “more”, “thank you”, “holla” and remember when you first said “momma.” You are now so independent and I am so proud of that but I miss those times when you needed me for everything.
Your love for music has been a constant throughout this entire year and you still stop what you are doing whenever you hear the first note of ANY and EVERY song. You have made your move to table food and you love anything with tomato sauce on it, just like your mama. You continue to try us every chance you get but this is to be expected. You have to learn your boundaries somehow and when you can’t get your way you are quick to let us know that this makes you very unhappy.
I look forward to watching you continue to develop your personality and become the special little girl that I know that you are going to be.

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