Another Time...Another Place

I am not one of those people who yearn for simpler times. I think things have always been hard and or
complicated if you are actually living them. When I heard about a Civil War Re-enactment going on not
far from me I jumped at the opportunity to photograph it. The camp itself was amazing and reminded
me alot of Mountain Men gatherings. It was in the mid-90’s that day, and there was nothing simpler
about the clothes they were wearing. They were in wool uniforms and the women were in hooped and
heavily skirted dresses. And let me just say two words...indoor plumbing. But I do love the costuming
if I don’t have to wear it. Even my Barbie didn’t have the usual outfits. Well, maybe she did, but I never
used them. She had a Guinevere dress of dark purple velvet complete with a gold tasseled belt. She had
a black taffeta ball gown (strapless with a big, full skirt). Costumes. That’s what I love. To an extent. I
hate Hallowe’en. Loved it when I was a kid, of course. When I was a kid I always wanted the purchased
costumes, but I never had those. It was make-up and usually adult clothes. In England I was Cinderella once.
Burned cork to put ashes on my face. It was cool. We weren’t allowed to go to any of the English homes
because they didn’t “celebrate” Hallowe’en. We always knew where the “American” homes were. But the
English kids would cut holes in paper bags, wear them as masks and come around to the American
houses. I was never very good at coming up with costumes for my kids. My all-time favorite was a
baseball hat set sideways on my daughter’s head. Freckles put on with an eyebrow pencil. A burgundy
sweatshirt of my husband’s, with a large “A” in the middle made out of masking tape. Voila. Instant
Alvin from Alvin and the Chipmunks. I love the more ornate costumes. Like wedding dresses. And
fairy wings. Veils and hats with netting. Vintage clothing and attitudes to match. It was surprising to
me how many children were involved with the Civil War group. Wow. They are the me in my head. The
one that longs for costumes that are real. The chance to “dress-up” and have it be normal. There’s
just that one thing, though. Indoor. Plumbing.

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