II’ve always loved to sail! I learned at one of the Summer Camps when I was in Elementary School and continued at another camp when I was in High School. The man I dated for 10 years before I met Boyd, had a 32foot Cape Dorey that he kept at the Pioneer Marina. We sailed in sun and rain and stayed overnight on the boat many times. I loved to sleep with the rocking of the boat and the sound of the hallards on the mast. Yesterday, I took this photo of a very empty marina. The Pioneer Resort closed and people moved to other marinas. It looked so sad and lonely and lacking the fun of Summers past!

Credits (all DD):

Katie Pertiet:
Ad Challenge 08.08.09
Basic Twills Summertime

Pattie Knox:
Little Enamel Sailboats

Lynn Grieveson:
Little Hampton Kit

Anna Aspnes:
Circle IT Basix