What a FAB page by Bill. Thanks for picking it, Lynn; it was great inspiration!
For this challenge, I decided to do a page dedicated to my friend Joe. : )

all I really need in the morning is my good friend joe.
its not that i don’t appreciate my breakfast cereal or the morning paper.
but i’d be lying if i said i could get along without you, joe.
café au lait, caffè latte, cafe mocha, cappuccino, macchiato, americano, espresso and plain ol’ drip. . .
there’s just so many ways to love you every day, joe.

In this Project:
Curvy Corner Stitched Blocks, No.1, Anna Aspnes
Paraiso Azul Paper, Anna Aspnes
Everyday Twill, Ali Edwards
Counting Trash Alpha, Katie Pertiet
Going Away Kit, Katie Pertiet (twine)
Mega Tag Pack, Katie Pertiet
Coffee line art and images are from wikipedia commons

Fonts: Trade Gothic

Thanks for looking! : )