This took a whole different turn once I started.. but here is a two-page spread for the simply inspired challenge.. I really wanted to make Abby in all black silloutte (sp?) but i loved the effect (poster edge) had on the color instead.


Baby's Breath Kit
Flower Stem brushes by Katie
Freshly Worn brushes by Katie
Overlay from Art Play Palette No. 4 from Anne

Once upon a time, there came a little girl,
not what you would think, so small and pink.
She is one of a kind, tiny like a pearl.
A thief in time, delivered four weeks early,

Fiesty, and full of spirit, that I must admit,
A mere four pounds had us fooled.
One quick look and we all knew,
Abby would be the one who kept us one our toes!

TFL Smile