Ally, our granddaughter from China. The Chinese characters spell her name: Alyssa

When Ally is all grown up she'll read the stories of how her Momma's family came to settle here in the US from all parts of the world, where the language, food and the customs were all very different. She'll learn how all these different cultures came together and formed one big blended family. Through my pages, she'll understand how very loved she is and how well she and the rest of us blend together.

PencilLines_145 Michelle Filo for Pencil Lines".
Paper: Aspnes: Monoblendz Grafix
MonoBlendz Paperie: Grafix
Glitter from: KPertiet_SWAK
SWAK Glitter and Brushes
Frame with clip: KPertiet_AllHungUp
All Hung Up
grid: KPertiet_GrungyLedgerGridsBrushes
Grungy Ledger Grids Brushes and Stamps
chain: PKnox_HangIts
Hang Its!