A page for one of my girlfriends using photos from a hiking trip we took together. We were giving her a hard time the whole trip because she kept misdirecting us when it was her turn to read the map; so it seemed appropriate that she should be the one to stand by the road sign. LOL!
Thanks for the orange color Freebies, Katie - wonderful, as always!

Type at top reads:
Not much on navigating.
Not keen to be a horsewoman —
But one heck of a great friend.

In this Project:
Barely There Alpha, Katie Pertiet
Color Challenge Freebie, 8.02, Katie Pertiet
Going Away Kit, Katie Pertiet (compass)
Krafty Frames, No. 1, Katie Pertiet
Stamped Blocks No. 11, Katie Pertiet
Reservoir Paper, Katie Pertiet
Dripped Stains, No. 4, Anna Aspnes
Brett Solids, Michelle Martin (used in masks and recolored)
Autumn Crush Kit, Andrea Victoria (folder tab)

Fonts: American Typewriter

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