This design was inspired by the challenge as well as several other posters and ads. All the designs used iconic shapes in a very graphic presentation.

So I have to admit that when it comes to items for the home, I've always had a love affair with chairs. In our basement are several sets of vintage four-leggers that have no place in our current living space. But they are such great pieces of modern design that I can't bear to get rid of them. My DH has another word for them - Junk. Well honey, you say "tomato," I say "that's a great chair!" : )

Small text at top and bottom reads:
Have you ever stopped to consider the chairs in our lives? When we’re tired – wanting nothing more than to rest our legs, feet and back – all we really need are four sturdy legs and a seat. They are wonderfully simple inventions, yet so necessary. From sturdy, plain wooden affairs to elaborate, overstuffed chintzes – no matter the style or age, all you really need is a good chair.

In this Project:
Mono Blenz Paper "Origins 2", Anna Aspnes
In Distress Paper, Lynn Grieveson
Brett Solids, Michelle Martin
Blendables No. 1, Katie Pertiet
Naturally Krafty Paper, Katie Pertiet
Color Challenge Freebie, 3.01, Katie Pertiet
Color Challenge Freebie, 5.31, Mindy Terasawa

Other Items:
Distressed Korners and Edges, No. 5, Anna Aspnes
Aged Alphas, Katie Pertiet

Fonts: Adobe Garamond Pro

Thanks for looking! : )