Hi Everyone! Been away from DD for a week or so while my mom was visiting. On one of our trips to the city, we walked in the newly constructed High Line Park in Chelsea. If you're ever in NYC and have some time to fill on the west side of lower Manhattan, stop by this park. It's a converted elevated rail line and is a fabulous example of repurposing and reusing obsolete areas to create new (and green) public spaces. If you're interested in the park, the website is thehighline.org
We enjoyed it very much. Great views too!

Text at top right reads:
Opened to train traffic in 1934
Originally 13 miles long
(August 1, 2009. New York City - when we visited)
1980 - Last train runs on the High Line rail tracks
pulling three carloads of frozen turkeys

And thanks to Katie for the frame freebies. You and Randy are so wonderful to all us scrappers! : )

In this Project:
Going Away Paper, Katie Pertiet
In Distress Paper, Lynn Grieveson
Brett Solids, Michelle Martin

Stitched by Anna, No. 1, White, Anna Aspnes
3 Photo Challenge, 8.02, Katie Pertiet (frames)
Flower Stems, No. 3, Katie Pertiet
Stamped Blocks No. 12, Katie Pertiet

Fonts: Univers

Thanks for looking! : )