What I'm doing in August, 2009.

Why I Love Lightroom!

August, 2009--

This summer, after I finished my intensive 8 week Hebrew class, I am determined that I will spend some time bringing my photo skills up a notch. My goal is to learn how to use your dad's DSLR camera, and to learn to use Adobe Lightroom

This was always one of my favorite photos of you, Nikki. I have to admit, though, it was a better photo in my mind's eye than it ever was in reality. It was a hot, humid, hazy day in Florida when I snapped this picture, and everything was washed out and muddy looking. The top photo was the best I could ever do with my scanner and Photoshop Elements. With Lightroom, I have been able to come a little closer to the way I remember this moment-- my beautiful little daughter, her face glowing, perched on a rock, glancing lovingly back over her shoulder at me while I grabbed for my camera!

It is said we do not remember days, we remember moments. This is a moment I have always treasured.

Katie Pertiet: Book of Memories No. 6, Messy Stamped Alpha and Numbers, Photo Challenge Frame 8/2/2009, Winged Notes.
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